Health is a valuable investment, keep it before it's too late

Health is a valuable investment, keep it before it's too late - Are you sure your body is in good health and fine?

Most people today are too serious at work, but not serious about maintaining health. Life is not only for work, but also for worship. Meanwhile, to carry out more devoted and better quality worship, it needs excellent body health.

Health is a very expensive and long-term investment. If we choose a healthy menu today, the impact may not be felt the next day. Yes, it takes years to find out the impact.

There is good writing from Ippho Santosa, I got it from his telegram channel directly. Please continue reading below.


Remember. Career, important. Business, important. Target, important. Health? Jauuuh is more important. Surely friends agree with this statement. So valuable, health cannot be measured by rupiah.

Around us there are three health problems that are very much suffered by most people.

What is that?

Cholesterol, diabetes, and gout.

It may seem trivial, but make no mistake, the three diseases are very disruptive to productivity. Not infrequently, young people also experience it.

What are my suggestions for friends who suffer from gout? Add oranges, cherries, strawberries, apples, pomegranates, celery, and green tea. Then, avoid jackfruit, pineapple, durian, rambutan, and wine.

So, what exercise is appropriate to maintain a healthy body?

Stretch on the wrists, up and down stairs, swimming, bicycles, and aerobics. These sports, God willing, are very helpful.

In my experience, maintaining a business requires positive habits. Likewise maintaining health, requires positive habits. Can't rely on just one or two actions.

May we all be healthy, blessed and abundant. Aamiin. - Ippho Santosa

In my opinion, in addition to maintaining a healthy lifestyle and consuming foods with nutrients that the body needs, it would be even better if they routinely drink Milagros water.

Milagros is natural alkaline water that is obtained directly from nature. In each bottle of Milagros there are 3 main ingredients of the best minerals, not the result of human engineering or engine engineering. To find out more about the benefits of Milagros for health, you can find information on the internet.

Today you are not sick, does not mean your body is healthy. It could be that there are actually signs of getting sick because of an unhealthy lifestyle, and a less regular diet. From this unhealthy pattern, the body will hoard toxins. It is from this toxin buildup that various diseases can come.

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