13 Ways to Increase Blog Visitors with SEO Techniques 2018

13 Ways to Increase Blog Visitors with SEO Techniques 2018 - The most important thing you should think about after creating a blog is about increasing visitors from day to day. Monitoring big blogs often makes us amazed by the number of visitors who come every day.

This is not a matter as easy as turning your palm. Let alone for beginners, even an old blogger still has to pass challenges that are not easy, with quite tiring effort.

The reason why your blog must have a lot of visitors per day is to increase the reputation of your blog which ultimately leads to an increase in your blog's income every month.

Depends on how you monetize your blog. Is it by registering as an adsense publisher, rental banner space, or selling product and service review articles. That is why the more visitors the greater the income potential.

How many visitors to your blog right now? Is this achievement enough to make you satisfied as a blogger?

Maybe in your mind you wonder why a blog must have visitors. Please continue reading to begin a brief discussion starting from the paragraph below.

Visitors Are Reflections on the Value and Quality of Your Blog

The more visitors it means, the more valuable your blog is. In other words the writings on your blog have information that is useful for many people.

So that they are happy to read your posts, and not infrequently often visit your blog to be a loyal reader.

If you have been diligent in updating articles but still empty of visitors it is a sign that your blog has not served the content needed by many people. Or it could be, the structure of your blog is still not in accordance with the latest SEO rules 2018.

Search Engines Are A Source Of Traffic (visitors) Blog

I can hardly imagine if on the internet there are currently no search engines. This means we have to check one by one a web to find the information we need. And even then it can only be done if we already recognize the name of the web.

The fact noted, that almost every day Google receives more than 3 billion searches carried out by users all over the world. That's the logical reason why blog owners always try to get good rankings on SERP search engines to increase blog visitors organically.

And it was recorded in February 2016 that Google included the most used search engines with a 64% percentage dominating other search engines. (source: Wikipedia)

Therefore many bloggers try their best to be indexed in search engines, through SEO strategies. And even better if it appears in search results on page one.

Because the more your blog often appears in Google search results, the greater the potential of your blog to get a lot of visitors.

From the statistics above, more people choose Google as a search engine to find information on the internet. About 81% more Google dominates the use of search engines, then followed by Bing with a percentage of users of 6.97%.

Why Your Blog Must Be SEO Friendly 2018

To master the search results on Google, then you must understand the latest SEO rules 2018. Google has an algorithm that will track your website pages and then index and rank them.

Then display on the search page based on keywords typed by Google users when searching for information related to your article.

Every year, Google updates the algorithm to improve the quality of searches that are increasingly relevant. Therefore, SEO tricks continue to change to adjust to the latest Google algorithm. SEO used to be different from SEO today.

According to internetlivestats, in 1 second there were 66,863 search keywords received by Google. That is why a blogger should pay attention to his blog's SEO strategy, and optimize Google as an organic traffic source.

Creating a blog that is SEO friendly, the strategy can start the first time you make it. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with coding, make a blog so that SEO optimization is easy, there is no need to worry, there are easy and fast ways to create a website that has a look and SEO Friendly, namely by using the WordPress self hosting platform

You can read the guide >> How to Create a Blog on WordPress << a complete solution that is easy to follow even though you are not a programmer.

WordPress is a popular CMS, known as an easy blog platform for SEO optimization, both on page and off page.

13 Ways to Increase the Number of Blog Visitors Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO 2018)

Search engines have robotic crawlers, this robot is responsible for collecting web pages in the form of documents / articles (images, films, etc.) to be sent to their index archives. This indexer will index the results of crawling then put the document on the SERP page (search engine results positions)

Ranging in 2011, the blog page will easily dominate page 1 if you have a lot of backlinks with a lot of quantity. Generally at that time the bloggers are very diligent in submitting blog pages to social bookmarking sites, guestbooks, press releases, PBNs, and blog comments (blog walking). But entering 2014 it was no longer useful. Google has made a rigorous selection of quality backlinks obtained.

Then how do you get many visitors in accordance with SEO 2018 rules?

1. Unique high-quality content

Content is like the heart of a blog. Attractive, unique and high-quality content is very liked by visitors to your blog. Believe me, they are willing to visit your blog because they need the information they are looking for.

How to create quality content can be with the following 2 general techniques.

Article research

Article research is done by reading various articles that discuss the same topic. Then you make notes for important points. Then present it again as a unique article. Of course not allowed to just copy paste. You must write yourself using your writing style.

Base on self experience

This is clear, you can write quality content by describing your experience in an article that is readable, of course, that fits the topic of your blog. Writing articles that match your own real experience has more power than you write articles based on research results.

2. Keyword research

Keyword research is one thing that must be owned by every blogger. With this capability, you can find any keywords that are sought after by people in search engines. By mastering how to research keywords, it will help you choose sub-topics to create article content. Do not let you create articles that are not needed by people.

3. Loading speed, an important factor according to SEO 2018

What you do when you open a blog page via a smartphone, but it turns out that the page loading process takes a long time? Maybe you will close it immediately, then look for another page.

Based on data from Alexa, pages that have a short loading time are significantly higher on Google than pages that have slow loading speeds.

This is why the blog page loading speed factor is one of the fatal SEO indicators if it is not considered properly. For example, the www.bloggerblitar.com blog has speed as you can see in the picture below

4. Bounce Rate (Bounce rate)

When someone clicks on the results in the SERP (search results), Google will pay attention to how long they are on the page.

If users quickly press the "back" button in their browser to return to SERP, this gives Google a sign that the search results content is not relevant to the content of your page.

So Google will record this as a bounce rate, and includes a red note that allows your blog page to no longer be displayed on SERP. That also means the impact of the bounce rate has a negative effect according to this SEO 2018 optimization.

Your task is to minimize the bounce rate. You can see the bounce rate on the Google Analytics page. As in the screen below

Until here you understand about the bounce rate and its effect on the 2018 Google Algorithm?

Indeed, it is not known exactly how long visitors must "stay" on one page of your blog so that it is not counted as a bounce rate. But you should make sure the visitors feel at home on your blog page with treats of quality and relevant content.

5. Consistency of article updates (posting)

People like blogs that have updated content well. This is a long, tiring job.

Not intended to discourage you as a blogger who wants a blog visited by many people.

But that's the fact. What's more if you belong to someone who doesn't like writing too much.

Indeed there are other ways to update blog content without having to write it yourself. You can buy articles written by a professional writer or by providing guest posts as space for other people to write articles on your blog.

6. Build a reputation in the forum

The existence of fellow blogger forums can be a source of visitors. You can include in your blog's URL profile page. Besides that, it can be achieved by real relationships with other bloggers to broaden their horizons and relationships with fellow bloggers.

Note the forum rules, and obey. Sometimes there are several forums that prohibit members from directly including article links when writing certain threads.

Build a reputation not imaging. Don't be mistaken, reputation is not obtained by imaging. Imaging is only the first gateway in building a reputation in cyberspace.

7. Looking for quality backlink

Backlinks are links that come from other people's blogs and point to your blog page.
Getting backlinks can be the most effective way to increase your ranking in SERP.

But it should be noted !! Not all backlinks have the same quality. Some of the backlinks you plug in may not increase your ranking at all, maybe even have a negative effect on SERP.

Therefore, your focus must be more specific, to high-quality backlinks. What makes high-quality backlinks subjective, and every SEO consultant will have at least a few different opinions on the topic.

However, most SEO experts agree that good quality backlinks can be identified by several factors as follows:

Derived from relevant blogs

If your blog talks about culinary topics, you should look for backlinks from other people's blogs that also discuss culinary. It doesn't have to be really the same, but at least has stronger relevance.

Popular or trusted source

Getting backlinks from blogs that are already popular and trusted is one point that affects backlink quality.

Put backlinks on pages that have lots of visitors

This one aspect is too often forgotten by blog owners. The initial goal of backlinks in addition to increasing reputation in the eyes of search engines is as an increase in the value of a page by directing visitors to other sources that are relevant to the topic.

Put backlinks in the middle of the article, and that will keep your blog constantly getting new visitors.

Suitable anchor text variations

The quality of backlinks is better if the words that form contain clickable links that are the same as or similar to the keywords you are optimizing for. Because it will look unnatural if you have many backlinks that consist of the same link text. So use lots of variations.

8. Promotions in the Facebook Group

Facebook is the social media with the highest number of users today. Can be a medium for generating traffic (attracting visitors) by utilizing Facebook group facilities.

Of course, select groups that have a large number of members. Later you can post a link every time there is the latest article from your blog in this group.

Make sure you don't spam. One example of spam activity that you should avoid is posting article content that is not in accordance with the topic of the group.

Search for a Facebook group that matches the topic of your blog article. Use the group search column for your convenience.

See the example below, for example the topic of your blog about culinary.

9. Spread the link on Google Plus


I get a source of information about Google Plus and its relation to this SEO from the webpage I mentioned above.

When posting content to your Google+ profile or page, follow the guidelines below:

Share a summary of the content you are linking to. Do not exaggerate; short and simple, okay. Don't include a link in the status box. We recommend placing a link in a special area of ​​the link, so you will get one SEO benefit as a DoFollow link. Share the content with one of the circles.

10. Increase viral potential

Writing content that can be viral on social media provides a very valuable advantage to increase your blog visitors.

Although indeed, making viral content is not easy. It needs writing skills that can arouse the emotions of the reader, so he is interested in sharing your blog page links on their social media.

Viral content generally can occur because the contents of his writing represent the anxiety of many people. And after someone else reads an emotional reaction such as sad, touched, happy, even angry.

If you can create content like that, the opportunity to be viral on social media is huge.

11. Build a reader database (subscriber)

Creating a database subscriber will accommodate your blog's loyal readers. They will get automatic notifications via email pages every time there is a new article. This will make it easier for you to distribute articles.

There are several free tools that you can use to build a database of readers for your blog. One of them is Google's Feedburner.

Those who have subscribed to email addresses are people who are loyal to you. He will be happy to get the latest article notifications.

And what is the impact on your blog?

Of course the positive expectation is to be able to increase blog visitors. Every recent article on your blog will get visitors faster without the distribution process manually.

12. Reply to incoming comments

Not infrequently you get comments below the blog post. Build positive interactions with those who have commented.

Of course you must enable comment moderation to filter every incoming comment. Make sure your blog page is not targeted by spammers.

Interaction with readers through comments on this blog will give notifications to google crawlers about new activities that occur on one of your blog pages. And crawling robots will make a visit back to your page.

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